W hat is “GRAN”?
It is the acronym for Guitar Russian Acoustically New.
GRAN guitar was invented 1987 by two Russian musicians, Vladimir Ustinov and Anatoliy Olshanskiy.

Thanks to the original construction of a newly developed acoustical instrument, – (patent PCT – RU94 00265) – the synthesis between classical guitar culture and folk and rock guitar traditions has been achieved.


Feel free to taste the sonorous exuberance of the GRAN guitar.
The samples presented are taken from various CDs.


The GRAN-guitar will no doubt be very successful in the future. Paul McCartney

I‘m completely overwhelmed by what I‘ve heard. This is indeed an orchestra, an acoustic synthesizer without electronics. Carlos Santana

GRAN is the instrument with truly Russian soul.

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What does GRAN sound like 2014

We decided to present this incredible instrument created by Boaz Elkayam in a short video “Introduction to GRAN”. There were no audio or digital effects involved whatsoever during recording. We tried our best to preserve the original sound of the instrument. Choose the highest available quality, enjoy, and don’t be shy to raise...

Oriental Fantasy, 2014

This composition was also originally released on “Scenario”...

Memories, 2014

Original composition by Anatoliy Olshanskiy, interpreted by him...

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