The GRAN-guitar will no doubt be very successful in the future. Paul McCartney

I‘m completely overwhelmed by what I‘ve heard. This is indeed an orchestra, an acoustic synthesizer without electronics. Carlos Santana

GRAN is really grand! It enables you to create sorts of sounds and timbres you can hardly dream about and which would be impossible to obtain on any other guitars. It‘s very hard work to master this instrument but it’s worth trying.

Stephan Rak

I liked their music, although I think that by its nature the music would be impossible to „mix“ with any other style, as they suggest.

John Williams

I consider it a prominent achievement of the Russian guitar school. This instrument, keeping all the merits of classical guitar, including it‘s timbre, enables to increase greatly acoustical and artistic possibilities. It is especially interesting in modern music.

Edison Denisov

GRAN is a new orchestra instrument.

Rodion Schedrin

GRAN is the guitar with true Russian soul.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn