2014 Revolutionary GRAN guitar designs
introduced by luthiers Boaz Elkayam, Yevgeny Yermakov
2013-2003 Various concerts, master classes, guitar festivals in Europe and Russia
2002 A tribute to Vladimir Ustinov
1999 GRAN guitar presentation at the Frankfurt Music Fair
1997 The first version of the GRAN guitar website goes online

A solo concert at GFA International Convention “Meet Me In St. Louis”

1995 “Stephan Rak introduces GRAN” CD
at the Kufr-Digital-Studio, Prague
1994 “GRAN – the guitar of the XXI Century” CD is
recorded at U-Sound (Russia)
1993 Meeting with Paul McCartney , a godfather of the GRAN guitar
1993 The GRAN Centre by David Schramm in USA and
the GRAN Centres by Christian Gerstendorff in Germany and Austria
are established.
1992 Establishment of the GRAN Centres in Russia
1992 First edition of “Russian Guitar Almanac” appears
1992 The patent for GRAN guitar has been issued
1991-1992 Concerts and master classes at the festivals in Moscow,
St. Petersburg, Vienna, Salzburg, Lambach, Stuttgart,
Münster, Karlsruhe and Hannover
1991 Release of “Scenario” CD by Daminus Records, Germany
1990-1991 European concert tour with GRAN guitar
1989 Premiere performance with GRAN guitar in Prague
1988 Presentation of the GRAN guitar
at the 1st National Guitar Festival, Moscow
1986 December, the GRAN guitar is born